Creating Success

Seeking, Finding, Screening, Securing:

The Process of Filling your Vacant Position

We meet with the client and agree a detailed job specification including the ideal qualifications, competencies and qualities required in a successful applicant.

Our methods for locating suitable candidates are tailored to client need and comprise of Search and Advertising.

SEARCH: We conduct a focused search based on our specialist industry knowledge, up-to-date market maps and extensive network of contacts, and conduct further research where necessary, in order to pinpoint and approach potential candidates matching the specification.

ADVERTISING: Relevant candidates are reached through targeted advertising on platforms across a range of media.  Discounts are passed onto clients wishing to place their own advertising.

We rigorously screen potential candidates at interview and verify they meet criteria and match the company culture before introducing them to the client.

Following a successful interview with the client and an offer, our consultants participate in negotiations to secure the placement.

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